A great mobility transformation

Row of bright coloured knitted rainbows hanging on a steel gate

By Monika Büscher for de Gruyter There are no passenger flights, the streets are filled with birdsong, in some countries walking and cycling has increased by 90%, and the air is clear: a silver lining at a time of great tragedy. In fact, the mass (im)mobilisation of Covid-19 is set to enable the largest ever … Read more A great mobility transformation

Covid-19: Other mobilities are (im)possible

Monika Büscher, Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University Other mobilities are possible. But will a systemic shock engender systemic change? Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) has shut down air travel and the global economy, and incited a mass-move online to work, meet, and socialise. When the catastrophe is over, will some of the lessons, values, and new … Read more Covid-19: Other mobilities are (im)possible