A great mobility transformation

Row of bright coloured knitted rainbows hanging on a steel gate

By Monika Büscher for de Gruyter There are no passenger flights, the streets are filled with birdsong, in some countries walking and cycling has increased by 90%, and the air is clear: a silver lining at a time of great tragedy. In fact, the mass (im)mobilisation of Covid-19 is set to enable the largest ever … Read more A great mobility transformation

Aligning UK Car Emissions with the Paris Agreement

Contributed by Kevin Anderson Taking the temperature and equity commitments enshrined in the Paris Agreement at face value places mitigation demands on wealthy industrial nations far beyond anything thus far countenanced. Interpreting Paris through the science in the IPCC’s most recent report demonstrates the importance of living within a tight and rapidly dwindling carbon budget. … Read more Aligning UK Car Emissions with the Paris Agreement