Who we are

The DecarboN8 Research Network is led by the eight most research intensive Universities across the North of England (Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York). We are a collaborative network of academic researchers and stakeholders working together to find innovative, place-based solutions for decarbonising transport.

What we do

Our aim is to help create sustainable and inclusive mobility futures by promoting research, knowledge exchange, and engagement between academics, policymakers, industry, and civil society. We focus on the North of England and promote engagement with communities and stakeholders to ensure that our work addresses the diversity of places and people across the region. We bring together experts from different fields and sectors to identify challenges and opportunities related to decarbonising transport, and to develop practical solutions that can be implemented at the local level.

How we do it

Since 2019, we have funded 15 research projects and organised over 40 events across the North of England to accelerate innovation and collaboration on place-based transport decarbonisation. We have built a local and global community of practice, connecting over 1200 members across the North of England, the UK, and the world.

Find out more about how we work from the leaders of our seedcorn projects:

What we have found

Our research has identified 6 key areas which need to be addressed to deliver place-based transport decarbonisation:

Active Travel
Co-design and inclusion
Planning and Policy
Travel Demand

DecarboN8 in numbers

1200+ members
46% academia
21% policy
20% industry
12% community
15 research projects across the north of England

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