DecarboN8 Upcoming Events

20th July (Webinar) Place-based Decarbonisation (invitation only)

27th July (Webinar) Embodied emissions & transport (invitation only)

Contributions to Other Events

New date TBC (Harrogate) LGA Annual Conference (Workshop: Can we achieve clean, green local transport?)

November 2021 (Glasgow) COP26

Past Events

6th July (Webinar) Shared Mobility and Decarbonisation – next steps (invitation only)

23 June (Webinar) Future Transport Fuels (3 of 3): Exploring the economic and societal impacts of the roll out of electric vehicles in the UK (Register now!)

11 June (Webinar) Future Transport Fuels (2 of 3): Decarbonising Transport by 2050 – the view from government

3rd June (Webinar) Shared Mobility Series (2 of 3): Decarbonisation, shared mobility and sharing data

13 May (Webinar) The Role of Bioenergy in the UK’s Decarbonisation Strategy

27 April (Online) Shared Mobility Webinar (1 of 3)

12 March 2020 (Leeds) LGA Decarbonising Transport Workshop

25 February 2020 (London) LGA Decarbonising Transport Workshop

03 February 2020 (Leeds) Leeds City Council: State of the City

28 January 2020 (Leeds) Stakeholder Reference Group 1

07 January 2020 (Leeds) Workshop: Decarbonising Transport – Connecting Carbon Targets to Action

25 November 2019 (Leeds) DecarboN8 Launch Event