DecarboN8 Funded Research Projects – Final Reports

VITALISE: Visualising active travel with Pakistani families in Bradford

Authors: Zahara Batool and Kate Pangbourne (2022)

CarbonFreeports: Freeports as opportunities, not threats, for place-based decarbonisation

Authors: Matthew Cotton, David Tyfield, Nicholas Gray, Andy Yuille (2022)

Hydrogen for Sustainable Waterways

Authors: Denes Csala (2022)

Understanding Electric Vehicle Charging Behaviours

Authors: Trivikram Dokka (2022)

Integrating embodied carbon into transport infrastructure scenarios

Authors: Jannik Giesekam, Jonathan Norman, Robin Lovelace (2022)

Serious Games for Serious Energy Solutions – studying diversity and collective decision making

Authors: Zoe M Harris, Morgan F Campbell, Vasiliki Kioupi, Gbemi Oluleye  (2022)

Decarbonising Transport with Neighbourhood Plans in Northern England

Authors: Caglar Koksal and Mark Baker (2022)

Operation and Performance of Transport Infrastructure Chargepoints

Authors: Fredrik Monsuur, Jacky Man, Craig Morton, Malcolm Morgan, Robin Lovelace, Eva Heinen (2022)

UNCCUT: Understanding Change in Car Use over Time

Authors: Malcolm Morgan, Craig Morton, Fredrik Monsuur, Robin Lovelace & Eva Heinen (2022)

Co-Designing the 15-Minute City

Authors: Alexander Nurse, Richard Dunning, Diane Fitch, Todd Lithgow, Ahmed Makki and Trung Thanh Nguyen (2022)

CoDe ZERO: Development of a Co-Designed ZERO-carbon urban freight system

Authors: Daniela Paddeu and Paulus Aditjandra (2022)

Reducing car use amongst older drivers

Authors: Julie Clark, Iain Docherty, Sarah Swift (2021)

Liveable Liverpool City Region: A social and demographic scoping review of the Emergency Active Travel Fund: Tranche 1

Authors: Richard Dunning, Alexander Nurse, Andreas Siantos and Malachy Buck (2021)

Room to Move: Impacts of road-space reallocation

Authors: Stephen Parkes, Richard Weston, Tony Gore, Mary Lawler (2021)

Delivering the last mile: Scoping the potential for e-cargo bikes

Authors: Luke Blazejewski, Nicholas Davies and Graeme Sherriff (2020)

Policy Papers

Everything Counts: Why transport infrastructure emissions matter for decision makers

Authors: Marsden, G., Lokesh, K., Densley-Tingley, D. (2022)

Underlying technical reports:

Measuring Road Infrastructure Carbon: A ‘critical’ in transport’s journey to net-zero

Authors: Lokesh, K., Densley-Tingley, D., Marsden, G., (2022)

Measuring Railway Infrastructure Carbon: A ‘critical’ in transport’s journey to net-zero

Authors: Lokesh, K., Densley-Tingley, D., Marsden, G., (2022)

Place-Based Solutions for Transport Decarbonisation

DecarboN8 Submission to the Department for Transport’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan Consultation

Authors: Marsden, G., Anderson, K., Büscher, M., Densley-Tingley, D., Spurling, N., Sun, H., Thankappan, S., Walker, R., Walker, S. and Whittle, K. (2020)

DecarboN8 Working Papers