Secondment: People and place as enablers of transport decarbonisation

Keith Mitchell has joined the DecarboN8 team on a Knowledge Exchange secondment from Stantec with a project aimed at bridging the gap between the UK’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions in line with Paris Agreement targets and the practicalities of putting in place policy measures that will make this possible.

There is a gap between what can be delivered by national level emissions trading and the 2050 target for net zero. This is mainly to do with the future operational use of transport infrastructure, factors influenced by people and place. But, there is no clarity about what is required at the transport or land use or project level to support the net zero target. We don’t have a vision of what ‘good’ looks like, against which we could be planning effectively for the future.

This project has been sponsored by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account to deliver a research programme aimed at:

  • Understanding how people and place could be a catalyst for the decarbonisation of transport systems
  • Assessing what this could mean for the planning and design of net zero carbon mobility places
  • Influencing stakeholders to reinvent the process of planning and  placemaking for net zero mobility communities
  • The Great North Plan, Ambitions for the North, and TfN’s Future Travel Scenarios will provide valuable context for this programme of work

If you are interested in getting involved in the project or to find out more, please contact

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