Kadambari Lokesh

DecarboN8 role: Research Fellow (to 2022)

Department: Institute for Transport Studies

Organisation: University of Leeds

Profiles: LinkedIn

Professor Greg Marsden

Kadambari obtained her PhD in Aerospace from Cranfield University (2012-2015) with her multi-disciplinary work focussing on the techno-economic environmental risk analysis (TERA) of advanced biofuels in civil aero-engines. This research involved a comparative evaluation of the biofuels and conventional fuels, encompassing the quantification of travel demand’s contribution to climate change, barriers to reaching climate targets, modelling system-level operational functionality and fuel behaviour, land-use impacts and the economic potential of the biofuel’s commercial roll-out on nationally-set carbon targets. Wider-boundary environmental/ economic impact studies in the transport sector, (including embodied carbon and energy analyses) is one of her specialities, while developing methods and metrics for mapping and measuring these impacts and developing policies for innovative sustainable interventions (products and operational services) are some of her main research interests.

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