Kathryn G. Logan

DecarboN8 role: Research Fellow (to 2023)

Job title: Research Fellow in Transport Decarbonisation

Department: Institute for Transport Studies

Organisation: University of Leeds

Profiles: Google Scholar | LinkedIn | Orcid

Professor Greg Marsden

Kathryn G. Logan is a Research Fellow in Transport Decarbonisation in the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. Kathryn obtained her PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Aberdeen investigating the impact of the electrification of transport and the related trade-offs between greenhouse gas emission reductions, climate regulation and ecosystem services and natural capital. Kathryn went on to work as an Energy Policy Researcher at University College Dublin which involved taking a multidisciplinary approach to bring together research focusing on energy systems, energy management and energy in society in Ireland for both academics and policymakers. Kathryn joins DecarboN8 from University of Arizona where she worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Arizona Institute for Resilient Environments and Societies as part of the University Climate Change Coalition programme, working on urban climate action. This included working to help identify and analyse novel pathways considering trade-offs, synergies, and equity within the energy and transport sectors as the City of Tucson develops their climate action plan.