Help promote transport decarbonisation research

For the past four years DecarboN8 has been working in collaboration with four other EPSRC funded research networks to provide evidence based information and insights around transport decarbonisation. Together we make up the Cut Carbon Network. We need your help to get the latest research on transport decarbonisation into the hands of decision makers, planners, engineers, and other folks who can use it to help make lower carbon transport a reality in the UK

Campaign Summary

Do you want to see decarbonised transport prioritised in your area? Help us get our resources in front of the people who can make it happen.

Cut Carbon is a major £5m investment in decarbonising transport funded by EPSRC. We are a trusted source for insights and resources on UK transport decarbonisation, built to help decision makers drive progress in the face of rapid technological change. Our aim is to get our work in front of as many decision makers as possible. 

Why This Is Needed

Concrete, linked-up action on decarbonising transport has never been more urgent. As the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, it’s crucial that we find solutions that are practical, cost effective and work for businesses and communities if we are to meet our Net Zero targets.

There is no one answer to the questions posed by this challenge, though. This is why Cut Carbon collates leading expertise on decarbonisation from across science, engineering and social science, covering all transport modes and fuelling options, built to help decision makers drive progress in the face of rapid technological change.

How To Support

We would love your support in amplifying our campaign. This can be done in the following ways:

1 Share our social media posts and images: Twitter/X: @CutCarbonNet, LinkedIn: Cut Carbon Network

2 Share the campaign toolkit and landing page

3 Feature Cut Carbon in your Newsletter and/or blog articles

4 Write to your MP and share our website and resources, inviting them to get in touch with us for more information. 

We’ve distilled some of DecarboN8’s key messages into sharable social media images. Feel free to share these along with the link to the campaign landing page: