Stantec and DecarboN8 announce new research programme: Bridging the Gap

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Stantec and DecarboN8 have announced a new research programme about people and place: the missing piece of the surface transport decarbonisation agenda. Since the publication of ‘Decarbonising Transport’, research has been published suggesting that current plans will fall short of the UK’s legally binding carbon reduction targets, and that greater emphasis will be needed on … Read more

Behaviour change or system change? How climate action is getting fudged

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by Noel Cass Dr. Noel Cass, Research Fellow in Energy Demand Behaviour at University of Leeds ITS, shares his insights on the eternal debate about who should take responsibility for reducing the carbon emissions that cause climate change and about how policy influences the choices we make. Carbon footprints ‘Carbon footprints were invented by fossil … Read more

How E-bikes can help drastically reduce carbon emissions

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New publication: ‘E-bikes and their capability to reduce car CO2 emissions’ Authors: Ian Philips, Jillian Anable, Tim Chatterton In July 2020 the UK government published Gear Change, their strategy to promote active travel. This document mentions establishing a national e-bike support programme. Since then e-bike schemes have been introduced in a variety of locations. These … Read more

Real zero in a hurry: a UK transport policy maker’s guide to climate action

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by Greg Marsden and Richard Walker This post originally appeared on Policy Leeds Previously in this blog series for COP26, Paul Chatterton laid down the challenge for urban policy makers to “act like it’s an emergency” in their response to the IPCC’s call for “immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions”. Here Richard Walker … Read more

Feeling the climate emergency: what Covid has taught us about facing up to necessity

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by Richard Walker This post originally appeared on Policy Leeds “It’s a chilling moment” — Richard Walker, on secondment from the Department for Transport to the University of Leeds, speaks of his personal realisation of the scale and speed of change needed to keep to our Paris climate commitments. Here he reflects on what we … Read more

Life course and changing travel patterns

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by Greg Marsden Drive Less? Who? Me? As local and national transport authorities work through the task of what decarbonising transport in line with the UK’s commitments really means we come to one inescapable truth. It means travelling less by car. Transport Scotland has written it down as a 20% reduction in kilometres travelled by … Read more

Decarbonisation Island Discs: a playlist critique of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan

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by Greg Marsden I was really pleased to see the Transport Decarbonisation Plan released on Wednesday 14th July. In 2008 the UK government set out an 80% commitment to CO2 reduction with no plan for transport. The result – no change in emissions. There are of course shortcomings and key questions which are unresolved (how … Read more

Six ways for Government to make a serious shift to net-zero transport

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By Jillian Anable and Greg Marsden This post originally appeared on CREDS This week the Department for Transport (DfT) is expected to publish its long-awaited Transport Decarbonisation Plan. It will detail the steps needed to bring the UK transport sector in line with climate change legislation. The absence of such a plan has contributed to transport … Read more