Nicola Spurling

DecarboN8 role: Theme co-lead – Societal Readiness (to 2022)

Job title: Senior Lecturer

Organisation: Lancaster University

Profiles: Google Scholar | LinkedIn | Orcid

Professor Greg Marsden

Dr Nicola Spurling’s work encounters and addresses questions about how futures of decarbonised mobility could and should be achieved. Her approach is to explore and develop material cultures of future mobility. This involves: an inquisitiveness in the multiple, often mundane materials, which make and shape past, present, emergent and imagined forms of travel and transportation (e.g. painted lines, parked cars, rain, sun and snow, daylight and darkness, landscape and built environment); engaging with and developing theories of practice, the new materialisms, and futures thinking; creating methodologies to follow things-in-practice through the past, present and into the future; and, approaches concerned with emergence, intervention and experimentation (e.g. Interventions in PracticesParking in Utopia).

Engagement with multiple stakeholders and publics is central to Dr Spurling’s work. She is one of a panel of five Commissioners on the national Commission on Travel Demand. To date they have produced two influential reports: ‘All Change’ and ‘Shared Mobility: where now, where next?‘.

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